In European tradition, our truly artisanal bread is just that – simply good bread! The use of time-honoured, labor-intensive techniques and premium organic ingredients make for superior flavour and quality.

Whether it’s our soft yogurt, multigrain and cheddar cheese buns, or the buttery croissants, everything is baked daily with the best possible ingredients. For a memorable treat, sample our classic Bavarian pretzel!

For special occasions like birthday, bridal showers, graduations and more, we work with you to design a cake that will enchant and captivate!

Take a bite and be hooked forever. That’s the risk you take when you nibble on any one of our assorted pastries and squares. And we have a big variety to choose from…

Our handmade truffles and chocolates are individually hand dipped in premium Belgium Callebaut chocolate. If you love fine sweets, we are dedicated to giving you the best taste experience you have ever had. A culinary seduction unlike any in the Okanagan!

Easter, Valentines Day, Christmas and more, our seasonal chocolate specialties will fulfill all your sweet tooth desires.

Wedding Cakes
When love is in the air, call the Country Bakery! View our sample pics online, or tell us about your unique cake ideas and we will be happy to design a special custom cake for you. Your wedding cake will sparkle almost as much as the bride!

Welcome to our new website! We’ve been celebrating YUMMY since 1974!

The style and presentation of our beautiful flavourful products vary throughout the year to complement the seasons and the best possible ingredients.

Cake Ordering Sheet

Download Cake Ordering Sheet

Diabetic/Gluten free/Vegan Cake Ordering Sheet

Diabetic/Gluten free/Vegan Cake Ordering Sheet